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By - dee

NumbersAlive! Redo in the Works

Rebecca Klemm NumbersAlive I’m excited about creating a new website for NumbersAlive! It’s an organization based in Washington, DC with an international reach.  NumbersAlive! is the passion of its founder, Dr. Rebecca Klemm.  She’s better known as “the Numbers Lady” and uses story-telling and activities to teach children about numbers. Her interactive concept also explores the origins of numbers and how we relate to them.  She’s on a mission to improve numerical literacy for all!

NumbersAlive! has won quite a few awards and acknowledgements for innovative educational products.  The photo shows the November 2017 issue of ” STEM for Women” featuring Rebecca on the cover.

The new website will have a fresh, modern look. We plan to launch the site in January 2018. Stay tuned!

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