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Is Your Website Bringing You New Customers?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

I discovered a great article this morning, 19 Experts Explain Why Your Website Isn’t Bringing in Customers. It was written by Josh Steimle for Entrepreneur in 2017. It’s more than a year old, which can be a lifetime in the tech world, but the solid advice from web experts is still incredibly relevant. As small business owners, we are always seeking new business.  If you’re looking for ways to increase the number of new customers that your website is drawing in, read the full article here. Below are two of my favorite quotes:

Focus on results, not features. A classic example of this is a drill. Customers don’t want a drill, they want a hole in the wall. So focus on the quality of the holes and how easy it was to create those holes — not the actual drill itself.

Jacob Cass, JUST Creative

Get your message across — fast. When I search Google for stuff I need, I hold the Control + Command buttons down and click the top five links to open them in tabs. Then I go comparison-shopping. If your landing page/homepage doesn’t explain what you do immediately, you’re done. I close the tab and delete you from my world forever. This is happening millions of times every day. Fix the clarity of your value proposition immediately, or you lose.

Oli Gardner, Co-founder of Unbounce

If your website isn’t bringing you new customers, it’s working against you.  Make sure you’re making the right impression and giving visitors a reason to want to do business with you. Quality images, well-written and strategically-placed content, along with effective search engine optimization will drive traffic, turn visitors into paying customers, and increase your revenue.

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